The standpipe project has now been finalised. To access water at the below sites you will need a Standpipe Controller Swipecard.

Installation sites

  • Jarring South Road, 1 km from Dumbleyung-Lake Grace Road
  • "Lake Grace Town" - On Dewar Street
  • Mallee Hill Road, 3 km from Lake Grace-Pingrup Road
  • "North Lake Grace" - Corner of Kulin-Lake Grace Road and North Lake Grace-Karlgarin Road
  • "Dicko's Tank" - Corner of North Lake Grace-Karlgarin Road and Mordetta Road
  • Gimbel Road - Corner of Lake Grace-Kulin Road and Gimbel Road
  • Burngup South Road, 275 m from Lake Grace-Newdegate Road
  • Rodger Road - Corner of Rodger Road and Lake Biddy Road
  • "Newdegate Town" - CBH Yard, Duncan Street
  • Newman Road - Corner of Newdegate-Ravensthorpe Road and Newman Road
  • Mission Road - Biddy Camm Road, 1.2 km west from Mission Road
  • North Newdegate - Corner of Newdegate North Road and Biddy Camm Road

Link: Map of Standpipe Locations (PDF)


Swipecards are available from the Shire with a $51.00 bond and an admin fee of $35.50. You will need to complete and sign a registration form detailing your name and billing address.

If you lose your swipecard or it becomes damaged beyond operation, a replacement can be obtained from the front office after the payment of a $51.00 replacement card fee and an admin fee of $31.50.

The current price for water taken from a standpipe is $3.00/kL. These usage charges are issued monthly.

To use the swipecard, hold the card up to the sensor on the front of the standpipe control box for around 2 seconds. You should see a dark green (not amber/yellow) light indicating that the standpipe has recognized a valid card. Select which outlet to take water from (standpipe overhead pipe, or tank) if there is an outlet selection knob, then press the green button to open the standpipe valve.

If you are unable to come into the Shire's Administration Office, the form can be faxed or emailed to you to complete and return; payment of the bond can be made by card over the phone. Your swipecard will then be mailed to you. Please note that we can't guarantee that the swipecard will reach you by mail, and in the event the swipecard is used by another person, you will be liable for standpipe usage charges.

For further help or information, please call the Shire on (08) 9890 2500.