Rural Street Numbering


For properties outside of gazetted townsites, you may request us to have a rural street address allocated to your property. This new address number will also be forwarded to emergency services, Australia Post, utility companies, and the Electoral Commission.

The rural street number chosen for your property is based on the distance to your driveway from the start of the accessing road. Odd numbers are allocated to driveways on the left, and even numbers on the right. The number itself is the distance in metres divided by 10. For example, a rural street address of 715 Falcon Road means that the driveway to the land parcel's house is around 7,150 metres (or 7.15 kilometres) from the start of the road, on the left side.

When we receive an application for a new rural street address, we submit that information to Landgate. Once Landgate let's us know that the rural street address has been accepted, we will notify you that the new rural property address can start being used on official documents (please do not use your rural street address number before then). From there we will issue a new green rural number plate to be placed at that driveway.

The rural street address will replace the usage of lot numbers in general situations, but your land parcel will still retain its lot number as part of official recordkeeping i.e. on Certificate of Titles and Deposited Plans.

Multiple Rural Street Addresses

If your land parcel has multiple driveways, you may apply to have each of them be allocated with a rural street number. However for the purposes of data entry you must select a Primary Driveway to base your official address on. This is the address that shows up on your rates notice or utility bills, for example.

Please note that the Shire does not actually record non-primary street addresses within our system as it can only accept one address per land parcel. These additional rural street addresses are mainly as a navigation aid for visitors, freight companies and emergency services.

Rural Number Plate

At the end of the month, the Shire will order rural address plates for accepted rural street addresses for that month. Once received, we can either send them out to you by post for you to install, keep them at the Shire office for you to pick up, or we can install them for you.

Rural address plates must be installed in a visible location at the start of your driveway (the access gate), on either a star picket or on the gate.

The numbering of the rural address plate is retroreflective so it can be seen at night with headlights. The plate itself is made of powder-coated aluminium.

Replacement Rural Number Plates

If you already have a rural street address and only require a replacement plate, you can order one through us using the same form for applying for a new rural street address number.

How to Apply

You will need to fill out the application form below, supply a satellite map showing where the start of your driveway is, and a copy of your Certificate of Title to prove ownership of the lot (occupiers are unable to apply for rural street addresses). For application requesting multiple rural street addresses, you will also need to mark which one is the primary driveway.

On the application form you can let us know if you wish for us to install the rural address plate for you, or for you to pick up the plate at our office, or if we are to mail you the plate for you to install yourself.

Link:  Request for New Rural Street Address or Replacement Plate

Upon receipt of the application form and an annotated satellite map, we will request payment of fees before submitting the rural street address to Landgate.

Fees & Charges

Fees & Charges cannot be levied yet as they have not been adopted into the Annual Fees & Charges. Numbers below are indicative only.

Item Cost
Installation of rural number plate, first (on land parcel) $120.00
Installation of rural number plate, additional $30.00
Delivery of rural number plate, each $40.00
Pick up of rural number plate, each $25.00