Works and Services Requests

What is a Works & Services Request?

A tool that enables community members to report a problem or damage relating to Shire buildings, property and roads.

Shire staff are not always able to detect matters that require attention and appreciate community feedback.

Lodgement of a Works & Services Request

A request can be lodged:

  • By telephone - 9890 2500
  • By fax - 9890 2599
  • By post to PO Box 50, Lake Grace WA 6353
  • By email -
  • In person at the Shire Office, 1 Bishop St, Lake Grace
  • OR via our website using the easy online form below. 

Information Required

  • Full name and address
  • Telephone number and email address
  • Location of the problem / damage
  • Description of the problem / damage
  • Our online forms allows for the inclusion of photographs.

What Happens Next?

You will be advised of receival of your request.

The request will be allocated to relevant staff to investigate, prioritise and take appropriate action.

Once completed advice will be issued to the customer via telephone or email.

Go to our online Works and Services Request Form