Lake King

Travel east along the fascinating Lake King Causeway as you cross 10 kms of salt lakes studded with natural scrub and wildflowers. Take time to enjoy the scenery along the longest WA road built across a salt lake.

Lake King

The settlement of Lake King, Lake Camm, Varley and Mount Madden during 1928 was to be the start of a vast 3400 farms scheme that extended to Salmon Gums. The Great Depression saw the British government withdraw from this land settlement scheme and the land was condemned for salinity. However a group of settlers remained and the area is now a productive farming community.

Lake King Progress Association has worked to improve the community since 1930 and many of the facilities are created through their initiative. Drive down the Magdhaba Track to Roe Hill Look-out through a conservation reserve of native fauna. The Norseman Road from Lake King to the east passes through the Frank Hann National Park (61,420 hectares) at the eastern end of the shire boundary. Another magnificent tourist attraction on the eastern end of the Norseman Road is Peak Charles, which rises 480 metres above the surroundings. Lake King has a very attractive stone fronted Community Church and a tavern built locally from rammed earth with a motel nearby.

Tractor Museum

 Lake King Home made Tractor Museum has seats and shelters to stop for a rest

Lake King Hall Playground

Lake King Hall Playground is a place to stop rest and the Children can play