Sewerage & Drainage

Wastewater Service Charter

The Shire of Lake Grace is responsible for the provision of sewerage services to the Lake Grace townsite in accordance with the License issued to the Shire by the Economic Regulation Authority under the Water Services Licensing Act 1995.

The intent of the Charter is to inform customers/ratepayers serviced by the Lake Grace Townsite Sewerage Scheme of their rights and includes:

  • Services provided
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Interruptions to the service
  • Levels of service
  • Connections
  • Charges
  • Complaints procedure

For further information, please contact the Shire on (08) 9890 2500.

A Customer Services Charter for the provision of this service is available at the following link:

To view:

Wastewater Services Charter

Wastewater Services Charter (Large-print version)

A link to current legislation governing customer rights in regards to water services is below

Water Services Code of Conduct (Customer Service Standards) 2018