Lake Grace RSL Hall

Lake Grace RSL Hall

The Lake Grace War Memorial Library, built in 1954, is situated in the main street of Lake Grace.

After World War One the original site was granted to the RSL with 3 trustees: S West, S McKay and E Dewar. The land was subsequently established as a memorial garden. Many ideas for the site were professed until post World War Two when, in 1947, under the Presidency of Jack Coad, the Memorial Committee developed plans. Initially intended as a library, honour hall, rest room and St John Ambulance garage, the costs blew out and despite an expansive fundraising project, the plan went ahead with the library and honour hall, finally opened in 1955, though it ceased being a library in 1998. A lemon scented gumtree at the rear is the only remaining flora from its use as a memorial garden.

The main entrance leads to a small foyer, with the main hall on the left, and a sub-hall on the right (currently used as storage). Inside the main hall are a myriad of photos and a large fireplace, and connected is a small kitchen.

In 2009 a grant from the Department of Veterans Affairs assisted in the refurbishment of the honour boards and various memorabilia within the building.

The roof had been replaced with tin, the ceiling and cornices replaced and new insulation installed in 2023.

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