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Lake Grace

Lake Grace Citizen of the Year

Allan Marshall - Lake Grace Development Association

The members of the Lake Grace Development Association wish to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution Allan Marshall has made to the community of Lake Grace in the many roles he has undertaken over the years. Allan is an active member of the Lake Grace Development Association and has been for many years, bringing ideas and valuable input to help with the ongoing improvements to enhance our community.

 Allan was one of the people who were instrumental in the negotiations and purchase of land for the Lake Grace Community Cropping group. The success of this project has seen the land paid for in full and a surplus now available for community projects to be funded now and into the future.

 Allan has recently retired from the Shire of Lake Grace after eight years as an elected representative this term, having also served on the Shire previously. During his recent term as a Shire Councillor he worked tirelessly to ensure the community of Lake Grace and surrounding districts had the best facilities possible available to them, including a stable and continuous GP service and was instrumental in the progression of the main street garden upgrade. Allan has worked behind the scenes over the years championing the issues that face our Lake Grace community. Allan brings to any discussion a great deal of knowledge to assist with the successful implementation of the many projects he has been involved in.

Allan volunteered his time as Treasurer to the Lake Grace-Pingrup Football Club for many years and was awarded Life Membership of that club in recognition of the many hours dedicated to the club. He was heavily involved in each of the Colts Carnival events when held in Lake Grace, he also takes on the timekeeper role for every game and was the regular scribe for the football notes in the Lakes Link until very recently. Even after he retired from his treasurer role he has made himself available to mentor the incoming treasurers to ensure a smooth transition of this role.

Allan was instrumental in the installation of the dam and water catchment that services the recreation precinct, he was involved with the Recreation Pavilion upgrade and is also a current member of the Lake Grace Lions Club.

Allan's knowledge of the area’s history and his interest in making that history available was shown in his dedication to the 100 years computer database of all the land in the Shire of Lake Grace that he compiled for the "Lake Grace 100 years" event and beyond.

Allan has proven he will see all projects he has taken on board through to fruition, always looking for ways to ensure that the Lake Grace community is improved for the benefit of all who live here.

 Allan has actively worked to ensure our community remains a vibrant, well serviced and attractive place to live. As a life member and past president of the National Party Allan has championed issues facing rural communities in general and Lake Grace in particular on many issues. Allan was the main instigator of the "Harmony Day" event that was held for a few years to welcome new residents to the town.

Allan was also part of the original steering committee to establish the Lake Grace Telecentre (now the Community Resource Centre) and has been a valued contributor to the Lake Grace Telecentre and Resource Centre committees at various intervals. He has been a very influential community advocate for many years and can be very proud of the contributions he has made over many years to benefit the community of Lake Grace.

Lake Grace Citizen of the Year, Senior - Senior (65 years or over)

Arthur Slarke - nominated by Lake Grace Visitor Centre Committee 

The Lake Grace Development Association take pleasure in nominating Arthur Slarke for his contribution to the Lake Grace Community. Arthur is an advocate for the many projects undertaken by the Lions Club which he regularly communicates to the Lake Grace Development Association meetings. Arthur ensures a report is presented at each meeting detailing the projects currently being undertaken at the time. Arthur is also an active member of the Lake Grace Men's Shed. 

This past year Arthur has dedicated a lot of time and effort into the progression of the Lake Grace Boardwalk project. His determination to get this project underway has been unwavering despite various problems being encountered along the way. Arthur also assisted with the recent completion of the Bennett Wagon project by the Lake Grace Lions Club has seen an enhancement to the Lions Park precinct with the addition of this historically significant wagon now being on display.

Arthur is an actively involved member of the Lake Grace Development Association and the Lake Grace Lions Club, who selflessly contributes his time and is a valuable conduit between these two organisations. Arthur demonstrates active citizenship in these roles, along with other organisations in the community, and the various projects he has been involved with have certainly assisted with the enhancement of community life in Lake Grace.

Lake Grace Active Citizenship for a Community Group or Event

Lake Grace Creative Events - nominated by Lake Grace Development Association

Lake Grace Creative Events is a new group that was formed in this last year that has addressed the social and cultural needs of the Lake Grace community. Lake Grace Creative Events has started providing entertainment for adults and activities for children.

The visiting show for adults (Fitz of Laughter Comedy and Tunes) was a sell-out, with locals able to enjoy a variety of live entertainers in our own town.

The Creative Kids aspect of this program is providing school holiday and after school activities for the older school children of the district. So far there have been several activities run in the July and October holiday breaks and there is a 6-week after school program running for Term 4.

The Shire of Lake Grace is assisting with the running costs of the children’s activities, providing supplies and remuneration for artists who work with the children. All the Lake Grace Creative Events held so far have been very well attended by the local community and enjoyed by all, as reported in the local newsletters.

The Lake Grace Creative Events group are providing events and activities that enhance the social and cultural well-being of the adults and children of Lake Grace community. The Lake Grace Creative Events Facebook page advertises the coming events and provides a report on the success of each event or activity. It can be seen from the enjoyment of participants that the Lake Grace Creative Events has certainly enhanced community life in Lake Grace.

Newdegate Awards 

Newdegate Citizen of the Year, Senior - Senior (65 years or over)

Laurel Shalders – nominated by Kelly Barr

Laurel has tirelessly cooked oceans of soup and copious roasts, and frozen these in preparation for the Newdegate Machinery Field Days.

She then works as a volunteer in the kitchen the week pre and post field day event. During the two days of the Event she arrives in the kitchen at 7am, works tireless throughout the day cooking roast veggies, creating incredible tasty food and soups, usually not leaving until 6pm. She is a tireless machine with a wealth of knowledge which she has willingly shared with the younger generations.

 Laurel participates in many different community events and activities. She is always one of the first people to put her hand up to assist wherever needed, especially when it comes to providing food for events or disasters within the community, she is also a regular contributor to the Newdegate Centenary Committee.

Newdegate Active Citizenship for a Community Group or Event

“Blue Tree” Project - nominated by Councillor Len Armstrong

Active Citizenship Award for Recognition of the community involvement in the "Blue Tree" project. the success of this project had input from the Newdegate Machinery Field Days Executive, Newdegate Primary School Painting Participation, Newdegate Parents and Citizens Association and Community Members in the provision of labour and equipment.

The "Blue Tree" Project enhancement of community life by involving a great number of community members and at the same time went a long way in acknowledging and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health. The project was promoted during the 49th Annual Newdegate Machinery Field Days September 2021. 

Lake King Awards

Lake King Citizen of the Year 2022

Terri Brownley - nominated by Lake King Progress Association

Terri has been the Lake King Progress Association's treasurer since March 2004.

During this time, she has been very loyal to our community, participating in events on behalf of the Progress Association. She also lost her husband, to cancer, yet still being very active in our community. All the treasury work she did was impeccable.

Growing up in the Lake King-Ravensthorpe district she was well known and liked as a person.

Past Australia Day Recipients

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