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Lake Grace Recipients 

Lake Grace Citizen of the Year Bradley Watson

Nominated by Lake Grace Development Association

Brad Watson is nominated by the Lake Grace Development Association for the Lake Grace Citizen of the Year for 2022 in recognition of his many years of service as the Chief Bush Fire Control Officer for the Shire of Lake Grace. This is a voluntary position that requires a huge commitment and requires taking responsibility for the coordination of bushfire volunteers in the whole area that is covered by the Shire of Lake Grace.

Brad took over as Chief Bush Fire Control Officer in April 2014 and remained in that role for eight (8) years until March 2022 when he stepped down to the position of Deputy, where he will continue to be a valuable resource for the incoming Chief.

In his time as Chief Bush Fire Control Officer, Brad took control of many significant fire events, the most recent during the summer of 2021-2022 when there were many fires requiring his urgent attention in neighbouring shires as well as throughout the Shire of Lake Grace.

The 2021-2022 summer started nervously with high fuel loads from the awesome wet winter. Early in the season there were various small fires during harvest. Towards the end of January saw a number of pole-top fires in the Lake Grace Shire and surrounding areas. February saw more pole-top fires and there were lots of lightning strikes mid-February. The number of fires was challenging to manage but the quick action by Brad and all the team throughout the Shire of Lake Grace ensured there was minimal damage caused by any of these fires.

The devastating Narrogin and Wickepin fires required extra volunteer bushfire crews being sent from our area to assist, coordinated by Brad to ensure the safety and most efficient use of resources for the volunteers attending.

In the previous year there had been the very serious fire in December 2020 at the east boundary of the Shire of Lake Grace, with another fire also at Lake Magenta, that Brad spent a huge amount of time at.

During his tenure Brad also had to negotiate the changes in legislation and implementation of the Work Health and Safety Act 2020 and the COVID-19 rules and health regulations that needed to be adhered to and managed among the volunteers.

The Rural Fire Awareness course has been well attended by farmers and farm workers over the past year, with Brad ensuring that the message got out to every one of the importance of this training. Brad has also ensured that communication networks have been upgraded and maintained.

Over the years, Brad has also volunteered his time for many other community organisations including Junior Football, P & C, and seeded the Lake Grace Community Crop lease block.

Brad Watson has volunteered his time to our community, showing excellent leadership over the time he was in the important role of Chief Fire Control Officer and the Lake Grace Development Association are proud to put forward his nomination for Citizen of the Year 2022.


Community Senior Citizen of the Year - Phyllis Dunham

Nominated by Lake Grace Development Association

Phyllis Dunham is put forward as nominee for the Lake Grace Senior Citizen of the Year 2022 by the Lake Grace Development Association in recognition of her many years as a valued volunteer, always lining up to help out in any way she can, quietly working away in the background for local organisations for many hours.

Phyllis has contributed in the many art and craft projects undertaken by the Lake Grace Artists Group from the Mosaic project back in 2000 through to the current project of new Artspace Banners and all in between. She can be seen there into the evening working away on whatever project is on the go.

Whenever there is an exhibition at the Artspace you can be sure that Phyllis will be there, volunteering to keep the doors open for locals and visitors to enjoy the many and varied displays that are on show.

Phyllis attends the weekly crochet group at the Lake Grace Community Resource Centre and has been making crochet blankets for the Wheelchairs for Kids charity for many years. She also makes plenty of cuddle toys for charity, of many and varied styles – not sure what species they are as Phyllis creates her own!

Phyllis is the one who puts out the many crochet poppies each year for ANZAC day commemoration to enhance the façade of the RSL building for the service.

For a number of years, Phyllis was the secretary/treasurer of the Lake Grace Seniors Group managing their finances and is still an active member of this group. Phyllis instigated the weekly games session at the Lakes Village Hall that is still a regular event for the seniors of the community.

Last year, Phyllis has had a book published “Up Home, Down Home” which is a collection of her own stories and a wonderful testament of her 90 years of living life to the fullest.

Phyllis is proof of the fact that an active lifestyle with plenty of social interaction keeps her young-at-heart, with her 90+ years not slowing her down at all. It is with great pleasure that the Lake Grace Development Association nominate Phyllis Dunham as a worthy recipient for the Lake Grace Senior Citizen of the Year for 2022.


Lake Grace Active Citizenship Award for a Community Group or Event -
Lake Grace-Pingrup Football Club 100 Years Celebration

Nominated by Lake Grace Development Association

The Lake Grace Development Association nominates the event hosted by Lake Grace-Pingrup Football Club: ‘100 Years Celebration of the Lake Grace / Lake Grace-Pingrup Football Club’ as the Active Citizenship Event for 2022.

This event was held on Friday 4 August 2022 with a dinner and presentation evening in the Lake Grace Sports Pavilion to commemorate the 100 years of the Lake Grace (1922-1994) and Lake Grace-Pingrup (1995-2022) Football Club, with a huge gathering of past and present football players, family members, supporters, volunteers and sponsors attending.

An important part of the evening was the naming of the “Team of the Century” with a selection committee having researched the players over the whole hundred years to come up with the team including Coach and Captain / Vice-Captain. There were players recognised from the very early days up to present in the team, very interesting historical information coming out about the players. Team of the Century players or their family representatives were each given a plaque and laminated copy of the team to recognize their achievement.

The important player history and selection of outstanding players from many years ago would not have been possible without the many years of research undertaken by Bill Trevenen. He has put together a book outlining the playing history of over 800 players from the very beginning in 1922 to present day. Bill’s book “The Lake Grace Football Club (1922-94) and Lake Grace/Pingrup Football Club (1995-2022: 100 Years of Survival and Achievement” was published and made available for this event, having had the team of the century players profiles were included in the book. Also included was a history of the club, various associations the club belonged to over the time, highlights of the club and many photos he had taken.

A lot of memorabilia was displayed around the pavilion for all to see and reflect upon. The pavilion was full for the night with an excellent meal provided for all who attended. The night was a success and most enjoyable.

The following day saw the Winter Sports home game played against Newdegate which offered an opportunity for those who had made the trip back to Lake Grace to watch the current teams and re-connect with locals. The event was a great success and a credit to the current members of the Lake Grace-Pingrup Football Club who spent many hours organizing this wonderful event.

An event such as this is a great opportunity to recognise talent and celebrate the successes that have been achieved by members of the community. As was seen by the number of people returning to participate in this evening, the ongoing social connections are also an important part of the club and the whole community.

It is with great pleasure that the Lake Grace Development Association nominate the 100 Years Celebration of the Lake Grace /Lake Grace-Pingrup Football Club for the Active Citizenship Event for 2022.

Newdegate Recipients 

Newdegate Citizen of the Year - Stephanie Clarke-Lloyd and Melissa Cugley

Nominated by Roz Lloyd

Stephanie was the motivator and Event Co-ordinator who inspired, motivated and encouraged the volunteer members of the Newdegate Historical Society to pull together the Newdegate Event of the Century, the Centenary Celebrations in September 2022.

This celebration included the compilation of the 100 Year History Book, the Walk Trail Interpretive Signs, The Walk Trail Booklets, the Centenary Logo, the photo boards in the Town Hall Display, and other signage and banners. This happened because of the incredible partnership of Stephanie and Melissa. The professionalism and precision quality of all of the above would not have been achieved without the hundreds of hours that these ladies spent perfecting each and every page, and every stage of the projects, hence we wish to nominate them both as the Newdegate Community Citizens for 2023.

Stephanie and Melissa not only worked together, along with other community members, on the production of the written collection of historic facts, photos, community stories and memories they also compiled and co-ordinated the coup of the Centenary - the secret Headline Band - and dealt with all the protocols that go with having a well-known band!

Stephanie and her small Entertainment Committee (Helen Scott and Emily Gilmour) provided the most incredible ambient, friend and family-friendly setting for everyone to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends and long-lost relatives. This component of the celebrations was carried out with the very least amount of community member involvement so that they could actually enjoy the event, especially as it had only been two weeks after the massive Newdegate Machinery Field Days which involves all community members.

This was the ultimate display of Active Citizenship and the enhancement of community life, and it was certainly appreciated by all community members who attended this incredible Celebration of Newdegate.



Newdegate Community Active Citizenship of the Year Award - Newdegate Historical Society Centenary Celebrations 2022
Nominated by Roz Lloyd

The Newdegate Centenary Celebrations held on 24 September 2022 showcased historic, social and connectivity to the past, the present and the future of the Newdegate community.

This was showcased in so many different ways - from the Centenary Book, the Historic Walk Trail and Walk Trail Booklet, the Plaques on the Pioneer Wall Project, the Community Groups/Organisations Displays in the Town Hall, the Farm Location Interpretive Maps and the Presentation of Historic Artefacts and Information at the Museum in the Hainsworth Building. This culminated in a huge 'Party Event' held at the Recreation Centre with activities and entertainment for community members and visiting family and friends of all ages - from very young children through to 90-year old.

The Newdegate Historical Society is a small group of community volunteers (Susan Hall, Anne Rick, Stephanie Clarke- Lloyd, Lynne Ellard, Jan Orr, Roz Lloyd, Anne Bishop and Natalie Thompson) who have been busy for years with the restoration, interpretation, ongoing development and maintenance of the Hainsworth Building. This group have been integral in the development and management of the community archive and they continue to collect, interpret, preserve and collate local history.

The Newdegate Historical Society, along with the valuable assistance of many other community volunteers, delivered the 'Celebration of the Century' where families and friends from the past 100 years of Newdegate came together to reminisce, reflect and enjoy the strength and resilience of this amazing small community they once, or still do, call 'home'.



Newdegate Machinery Field Days Committee (50 Years Anniversary)

Nominated by Len Armstrong

Comprised entirely of volunteers, the Newdegate Machinery Field Days Committee has been conducting the Field Days event annually for a period of 50 years from 1972 through to 2022, and it is estimated that on average between 9,000 to 11,000 people attend the event each year. The event focusses on providing a unique and fulfilling experience for all who attend and exhibit, with something to interest all participants no matter what age. Machinery, technology and research, animals and livestock, outdoor camping and exhibits, arts, fashion, food, wine and local produce, live entertainment and much more form the basis of the two show days which promotes and celebrates innovation in agriculture.

Planning for the annual event keeps the volunteer committee busy all-year round, and the local Newdegate community highly involved in preparations in the weeks leading into the show dates. The successful running of the Newdegate Machinery Field Days over the fifty years has raised significant funds which has enabled the Committee to support their local community with donations to many worthwhile local projects that every resident benefit from either directly or indirectly. All of the volunteers allocate the hours they commit to a local club or the Royal Flying Doctor Service of WA who benefit with a donation from Newdegate Machinery Field Days. Over the years, this has allowed the Field Days to provide significant support to our community; an achievement of which they are very proud and recognition of this fact is most justified.

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