Lake King Awards

Lake King Active Citizen of the Year 2020                                                                      

Courtney Toland

Courtney has been an outstanding member of the Lake King Community this year. She has volunteered countless hours to project manage the new Lake King Playground, including organising designs, quotes and tradesmen.

Courtney has also spent many, many hours in at the playground doing the manual work of moving soft fall sand, mulch and seeing to the running of the whole project!

Through Courtney’s active citizenship the community of Lake King has been able to gain an amazing new playground area.

Courtney has volunteered immeasurable hours of work for the community, through phone calls, emails, research, and many multiple trips to town per week, to oversee and work on the Playground project.

Without Courtney’s dedication to our community and her faithful volunteering, we would not be able to have the amazing area we have today!

Lake King Community Active Citizenship of the Year Award 2020

Lake King Hall & Playground Renewal

We would like to recognise Kate Hetherington, Karen Richardson and Courtney Toland who were jointly the key members of this project.

As President of Lake King Playgroup Kate Hetherington along with Courtney Toland project managed the new playground area. Playgroup identified the need to replace the old outdated and damaged play equipment to provide a safer and fun environment for children of all ages and abilities to play, learn and socialise.

It was Kate along with Karen Richardson who co-ordinated the renewal of the Lake King Hall to coincide with the renewal of the playground. They organised the much needed painting, flooring and safety measures to make it user friendly, inviting and have the available for a greater number of community groups.

Both projects required grants to be applied for and when these were approved the coordination of other funding sources to complete the projects. Kate, Karen and Courtney all showed considerable drive and determination to ensure the continued momentum and completion of both projects.

They gained the support of local groups which has enhanced the sense of community oneness and a feeling of ownership of our town hub for the next generation.

Lake King now has a modern and inviting facility for not only locals but members of the wider community to enjoy.

Lake King  Active Citizenship of the Year Award for a Community Event of Group 2019

‘Lake Kingfest’ nominated by Lake King Progress Association