The situation regarding COVID-19 is evolving rapidly and the Shire will do our best to keep the community informed.

WA has now moved to ‘baseline’ settings of public health and social measures to control the spread of COVID-19 in the community. In practical terms, this means:

 Masks are only required for people aged 12 years and older in the following settings: 

  • Hospitals and health care settings
  • Aged care facilities, residential care facilities including disability service facilities and mental health residential facilities
  • Public and passenger transport, including taxis and rideshare vehicles, tour buses and school buses
  • Correctional facilities

In addition, masks are strongly encouraged where physical distancing is not possible.

People may choose to continue wearing a mask in public and work settings for a number of reasons including:

People are encouraged to:

  • Practise good personal hygiene - wash hands often with soap and water, or hand sanitiser, cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your elbow
  • Practise physical distancing - keep at least 1.5 metres or two arms lengths from each other
  • Stay home if unwell.

If you return a positive RAT, you are still required to register it with the Department of Health.

Positive cases must still isolate for seven days.

Symptomatic close contacts need to isolate until symptoms are resolved.

 Asymptomatic close contacts do not have to isolate for seven days, but must take a RAT each day they leave isolation, wear a mask outside the home, and avoid high-risk settings.

Temporary Exemption for Booster Vaccination

The Chief Health Officer has issued a temporary exemption for those covered by the Booster Vaccination Restrictions on Access Directions (No 2) (Booster Directions), who test positive for COVID-19.

The temporary exemption, for someone diagnosed with COVID-19 means that they are exempt from the requirements of the Booster Directions (paragraph 5) for a period of 4 months from the day the person took the test that showed they have COVID-19.

For example, a person who took a test on 7 February 2022 that diagnosed them with COVID-19 is exempt from the booster vaccination requirements until 6 June 2022. The person must receive their booster vaccination by 7 June 2022 to enter, or remain at, a site that is subject to the vaccine requirements.

There are requirements in the temporary exemption regarding the type of proof required to show that someone had COVID-19 and who can request the information.  This temporary exemption allows the employer of the person to require the provision of evidence of the COVID-19 positive test for inspection, recording and retention of a copy. 

Public health measures - Media Release  27 April 2022


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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

WA State Government COVID Hotline

The State Government has established a Hotline to help answer questions West Australians have on the current COVID-19 State of Emergency.

The Hotline number is 13 26 843 (13 COVID) and it is available 7am - 10pm, 7 days a week.



How can we help?

Some ideas include:

  • weekly check In
  • a friendly phone call
  • help to get groceries and medicines
  • practical help around the house

How can you lend a hand?

  • delivering supplies
  • providing essential transport (e.g. doctor's appointments)
  • urgent household maintenance
  • phoning those living on their own
  • by suggesting other ways you could help

Contact the Shire of Lake Grace on 9890 2500 or if you need a hand or can lend a hand, or would like more information. All contact will remain confidential and we will not provide you contact details to anyone without your knowledge and permission

Impacted Services

  • All Shire pavilions, halls, playgrounds, outdoor gyms and parks are closed
  • Libraries in Lake Grace, Lake King and Newdegate are closed
  • The Lake Grace and Newdegate Swimming Pools are now closed for the season
  • The Lake Grace Market Day scheduled for 4 April has been cancelled
  • Practical Driving assessments have been cancelled until further notice
  • The Easter “Driver Reviver” program has been cancelled
  • Tip times, recycling services and rubbish collections are currently not affected