The situation regarding COVID-19 is evolving rapidly and the Shire will do our best to keep the community informed.

Get the facts on the vax

COVID-19 vaccines during pregnancy and breastfeeding

COVID-19 Vaccines Mythbusters

              Registrations for COVID-19 vaccine now open

Mandatory Contact Register - frequently asked questions

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)


Documents for COVID-19
TitleDocument Date
SHICC Public Health Bulletin #4December 8, 2021
SHICC Public Health Bulletin #3December 1, 2021
PHEOC BULLETIN #87November 10, 2021
PHEOC BULLETIN #86November 8, 2021
PHEOC BULLETIN #85October 28, 2021
PHEOC BULLETIN #83October 14, 2021
PHEOC BULLETIN #82October 6, 2021
PHEOC BULLETIN #81September 29, 2021
PHEOC BULLETIN #80September 28, 2021
PHEOC BULLETIN #79September 15, 2021
PHEOC BULLETIN #78September 8, 2021
PHEOC BULLETIN #77September 3, 2021
PHEOC BULLETIN #76August 26, 2021
PHEOC BULLETIN #72July 29, 2021
PHEOC BULLETIN #71July 21, 2021
PHEOC BULLETIN #70July 19, 2021
PHEOC BULLETIN #69July 9, 2021
PHEOC BULLETIN #68June 30, 2021
PHEOC BULLETIN #67June 23, 2021


How can we help?

Some ideas include:

  • weekly check In
  • a friendly phone call
  • help to get groceries and medicines
  • practical help around the house

How can you lend a hand?

  • delivering supplies
  • providing essential transport (e.g. doctor's appointments)
  • urgent household maintenance
  • phoning those living on their own
  • by suggesting other ways you could help

Contact the Shire of Lake Grace on 9890 2500 or if you need a hand or can lend a hand, or would like more information. All contact will remain confidential and we will not provide you contact details to anyone without your knowledge and permission

Impacted Services

  • All Shire pavilions, halls, playgrounds, outdoor gyms and parks are closed
  • Libraries in Lake Grace, Lake King and Newdegate are closed
  • The Lake Grace and Newdegate Swimming Pools are now closed for the season
  • The Lake Grace Market Day scheduled for 4 April has been cancelled
  • Practical Driving assessments have been cancelled until further notice
  • The Easter “Driver Reviver” program has been cancelled
  • Tip times, recycling services and rubbish collections are currently not affected