'Meeting of Minds'

The Shire of Lake Grace is concerned about the shortage of both skilled and unskilled workers throughout the shire. This shortage is being experienced by not only small and large businesses but also within the shire workforce itself. There is anecdotal evidence that there are some businesses with up to 4 vacancies and many more with just one or two and this is not even taking into consideration seasonal farm workers.


As a starting point we are seeking input from businesses within the shire as to their current situation regarding their workforce. From this information we will work out if a concerted joint plan of attack is warranted. We will then arrange a “Meeting of Minds” with the affected businesses to nut out the best approach.


I hope you take the time to complete and return this survey. It would be appreciated if we could have them back by 12 AUGUST 2021 'Meeting of Minds'

Please save and email to: shire@lakegrace.wa.gov.au