The Shire of Lake Grace is responsible for the deep sewerage system in the town of Lake Grace only. This service is delivered under the Water Services Act 2012 (the Act) and is funded by Specified Area Rates levied via rates notice to landowners who own land within the Lake Grace town that have the capability to connect to the sewerage system.

Any new dwellings or businesses in the Lake Grace town must be connected to the sewerage scheme (if within close proximity of a main), as required by the Lake Grace Local Planning Scheme section 4.30. As Constructed drawings of the sewerage system can be requested from the Shire free of charge to help assist in locating underground infrastructure for maintenance or new developments.

Extent of Responsibility

Any infrastructure lying within public land--such as verges, parks and sports precincts, laneways and roads, and Shire-owned land, is the responsibility of the Shire to maintain. This may infrequently require roadworks in cases where a mains crossing the road is causing issues. This infrastructure includes:

  • Gravity mains made up of PVC or vitrified clay pipes.
  • Pressure poly pipes.
  • Concrete access chambers with manhole covers made of concrete or iron.
  • 4 x wet wells containing submersible pumps and a control panel and covered with chequered plates.
  • Above-ground Imhoff tank.
  • Sludge-drying bed.
  • 2 x clay-lined treatment ponds.
  • 2 x chlorine dosing unit.
  • Steel water tank for holding treated wastewater.

If any of these components have issues or fails, the Shire will engage their contract plumber to mitigate and repair the issue.

If you notice an issue with the wastewater system, please report it to the Shire at (08) 9890 2500 as soon as possible so we can restore service in a timely manner.

For wastewater connections to the sewerage scheme, the Shire's responsibility ends at the junction near your property's boundary, buried below ground. Any issues past this point is the responsibility of the home or business owner.

There are a few properties where a manhole and access chamber lies within the backyard. Under the Act the Shire has powers of entry without notice to carry out maintenance works as long as it does not cause a disruption to the occupiers of that property. This power of entry only extends to the external areas of a property and not the dwelling or business itself. In cases where excavation works are required to replace underground mains within your backyard, the Shire will seek consent of the occupier to carry out works. If consent is not or cannot be given, the Shire will give a 48 hours' notice of proposed entry before carrying out works.

Reuse Scheme

There is a wastewater reuse scheme in use to help with the irrigation of the Lake Grace football and hockey ovals. It is mostly used during winter months where the treatment ponds are at a high water level. Wastewater is dosed with chlorine during transfer to the steel water tank at the southern edge of the football oval, and dosed again just before it enters the tank to ensure optimal chlorine levels for contact time. Reuse water is used for irrigation throughout the night to allow for enough time for evaporation and safe contact the following morning.

Wastewater Services Charter

The Shire of Lake Grace is responsible for the provision of sewerage services to the Lake Grace townsite in accordance with the License issued to the Shire by the Economic Regulation Authority under the Water Services Act 2012.

The intent of the Charter is to inform customers/ratepayers serviced by the Lake Grace Sewerage Scheme of their rights and includes:

  • Services provided
  • Maintenance requirements
  • Interruptions to the service
  • Levels of service
  • Connections
  • Charges
  • Complaints procedure

For further information, please contact the Shire on (08) 9890 2500.

A Shire's Customer Services Charter is governed by the Water Services Code of Conduct (Customer Service Standards) 2018. The Charter available for reading at the following links:

Link: Wastewater Services Charter

Link: Wastewater Services Charter (Large-print version)

Complaints and Feedback

If you believe that the wastewater services delivered by the Shire, or conduct by Shire staff while dealing with a wastewater issue, is not up to standard, you may submit a Complaints and Feedback form via the link below. This form can also be used to dispute any errors in the wastewater portion of your rates.

Link: Complaints Brochure

Link: Complaints Brochure (Large-print version)

Financial Hardship Policy

Within the Wastewater Services Charter is the adoption of a Financial Hardship Policy. If you find that you are struggling to pay off the wastewater portion of your rates, you may apply to the Shire to be placed under an alternate payment arrangement, or to have your outstanding payments reduced. This process will also halt any debt collection that may occur while assessment and alternate arrangements are in place.

Financial hardship in this case means that the payment of the wastewater portion of your rates would adversely affect your basic living needs.

Link: Financial Hardship Policy

Link: Financial Hardship Policy (Large-print version)

Additional details can be found in the Payment of Rates & Invoices page.