Town Planning and Building 

For all enquiries contact the Shire of Lake Grace 9890 2500 or email:

A Planning Application is required for any type of development except for those excluded by Clause 8.2 of Local Planning Scheme 4. The Local Planning Scheme is a document which guides the way the Shire grows and it assists Council in assessing and making decisions about planning applications.

Applications are required so that your plans and information can be assessed and your property inspected to determine whether your proposal is appropriate.
Each proposal is assessed to ensure that:

• It complies with the relevant provisions of the Local Planning Scheme;
• Is an appropriate use on the property according to its zoning classification;
• Has no detrimental impact upon the locality; and
• Has no adverse impact upon landowners and occupants of adjacent properties in the locality.

Development means the development or use of any land, including any demolition, erection, construction, alteration of or addition to any building or structure on the land and the carrying out on the land of any excavation or other works and, in the case of a place to which a Conservation Order made under section 59 of the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 applies, any act or thing that:

  1. is likely to change the character of that place or the external appearance of any building; or 
  2. would constitute an irreversible alteration of the fabric of any building.

An application for approval (using the form attached) is required for one or more of the following

  1.     a use or commencement of development on a Local Reserve under clause 3.4; 
  2.     commencement of a ‘P’ use which does not comply with all relevant development standards and requirements of      the Scheme as referred to in clause 4.3.2;
  3.     commencement of a ‘D’ use or an ‘A’ use as referred to in clause 4.3.2;
  4.     commencement of a use not listed in the Zoning Table under clause 4.4.2(b);
  5.     alteration or extension of a non-conforming use under clause 4.9;
  6.     a change of a non-conforming use under clause 4.9;
  7.     continuation of a non-conforming use under clause 4.12;
  8.     variation of a site or development requirement under clause 5.5;
  9.     commencement of development under clause 8.1;
  10.     continuation of development already commenced or carried out under clause 8.4;
  11.     a subsequent planning approval pursuant to an approval under clause 10.8.1; and
  12.     the erection, placement or display of an advertisement,

The form is to be signed by the owner, and accompanied by such plans and other information as is required under the Scheme.
An application for the erection, placement or display of an advertisement is to be accompanied by the additional information set out in the second form attached.

Specific types of development that don’t require planning approval

Except as otherwise provided in the Scheme, the following development does not require the planning approval of the local government:

(a) the carrying out of any building or work which affects only the interior of a building and which does not materially affect the external appearance of the building except where the building is:

  1. located in a place that has been entered in the Register of Heritage Places under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990; 
  2. the subject of an order under Part 6 of the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990; or 
  3. included on the Heritage List under clause 7.1 of the Scheme;

(b) the erection on a lot of a single house including any extension, ancillary outbuildings and swimming pools, except where:

  1.    the proposal requires the exercise of a discretion by the local government under the Scheme to vary the        provisions of the Residential Design Codes; or 
  2.    the development will be located in a heritage area designated under the Scheme; 
  3.    the proposal involves a relocated, transportable or second-hand dwelling; 
  4.    the development is proposed on a lot which does not have access to a dedicated and/or constructed road; or 
  5.    the development is in a Special Control Area.

(c) the erection or demolition of any farm sheds or outbuildings on any lot classified General Agriculture zone.

(d) the demolition of any building or structure except where the building or structure is: 

  1. located in a place that has been entered in the Register of Places under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990; 
  2. the subject of an order under Part 6 of the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990; 
  3. included on the Heritage List under clause 7.1 of the Scheme; or 
  4. located within a heritage area designated under the Scheme; 

(e) usage of a premises as a home office;

(f) any works which are temporary and in existence for less than 48 hours or such longer time as the local government agrees; and

(g) any of the exempted classes of advertisements listed in Schedule 5 except in respect of a place included in the Heritage List or in a heritage area.

Note: Development carried out in accordance with a subdivision approval granted by the Commission is exempt under section 20D of the Town Planning Act.

Site, Floor and Elevation Plans

Unless the local government waives any particular requirement every application for planning approval is to be accompanied by:
(a) a plan or plans to a scale of not less than 1:500 showing

  1. the location of the site including street names, lot numbers, north point and the dimensions of the site; 
  2. the existing and proposed ground levels over the whole of the land the subject of the application and the location, height and type of all existing structures, and structures and vegetation proposed to be removed; 
  3. the existing and proposed use of the site, including proposed hours of operation, and buildings and structures to be erected on the site; 
  4. the existing and proposed means of access for pedestrians and vehicles to and from the site; 
  5. the location, number, dimensions and layout of all car parking spaces intended to be provided; 
  6. the location and dimensions of any area proposed to be provided for the loading and unloading of vehicles carrying goods or commodities to and from the site and the means of access to and from those areas; 
  7. the location, dimensions and design of any open storage or trade display area and particulars of the manner in which it is proposed to develop the same; and 
  8. the nature and extent of any open space and landscaping proposed for the site;

(b) plans, elevations and sections of any building proposed to be erected or altered and of any building it is intended to retain;
(c) any specialist studies that local government may require the applicant to undertake in support of the application such as traffic, heritage, environmental, engineering or urban design studies; and
(d) any other plan or information that the local government may require to enable the application to be determined. 

Additional material for Heritage matters 

Where an application relates to a place entered on the Heritage List or within a heritage area, the local government may require an applicant to provide one or more of the following to assist the local government in its determination of the application:

(a) street elevations drawn to a scale not smaller than 1:100 showing the proposed development and the whole of     the existing development on each lot immediately adjoining the land the subject of the application, and drawn as one continuous elevation;
(b) a detailed schedule of all finishes, including materials and colours of the proposed development and, unless the local government exempts the applicant from the requirement or any part of it, the finishes of the existing developments on the subject lot and on each lot immediately adjoining the subject lot.

Note: If the above information is not received, there will be significant delays in assessing the application.

It is recommended that the advice and assistance from the Shire of Lake Grace be sought with any enquiries concerning the use of land within the Shire.  For further information please contact the Shire office on 9890-2500 or email

Prior to undertaking any development, please discuss your intentions with the Shire of Lake Grace. If you need to make an application your time and money can be saved if you are thoroughly prepared.