Comments and Objections on Proposed Road Names

Published on Wednesday, 3 August 2022 at 4:01:52 PM

The Shire of Lake Grace is in the process of subdividing the lots east of the Lake Grace CBH Grain Receival Site, across the train line. As part of this subdivision there will be a new sealed road constructed between Stubbs Street and Biddy Camm Road. The Shire of Lake Grace sought potential road names for this new sealed road from the public.

After assessment of the road names received, in the 27 July 2022 Ordinary Council Meeting, Council resolved to put forth the following names in order of preference—with number 1 being highest preference—to Landgate's Geographic Names Committee—

  1. Callope Road
  2. Marshall Road
  3. Dolan Road

Per the agreed procedure, there will be a 14-day window where the public may submit comments and objections about the proposed names.

This 14-day window starts on the Wednesday 3 August 2022 and ends on Wednesday 17 August 2022.

Please submit your comments and objections by:

  • Email to with the subject line "Road Name Comments & Objections"; or by
  • Post to PO Box 50, Lake Grace WA 6353.

Once this window has passed, the Shire of Lake Grace will individually address each comment and objection received and send the list of proposed road names with the list of public comments/objections to the Geographic Names Committee.